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It is almost unheard of in this day and age to get by without any type of legal involvement. Possibly you could be going into business or leasing property, you could be making an investment, buying or selling an automobile, and the list goes on. At some point you will most likely go to a lawyer to help you protect your interests and for that assistance you can expect to pay fees usually a few hundred to several thousand dollars, based on the amount of documentation required.

The preparation of documents is traditionally the costliest part of any legal course of action.

The main reason for this is that many legal documentation has an unique layout and wording mandated by the the local courts and in the absence of it, there is a strong possibility that an agreement or other type of documents may not actually be legal.

In times past, the task of composing legal documents was a laborious method and without present day resources like data bases and copy machines the task was left to the attorneys exclusively.

Because most of the terminology and wording and clauses that make up the various legal instruments eventually became standardized essentially, and drafting became more a function involving arranging components. When computers came along the entire process of drafting legal documents shifted into high gear however, legal processes have continued to multiply in quantity and complexity.

Although computers now do most of the grunt work for attorneys, legal costs are still for the most part based on the amount of time an attorney or paralegal assistant spends drafting the paperwork. Pretty soon legal professionals with the necessary proficiency for penning first rate documents would begin building databases of the most common types of forms.

The wonderful innovation was that all of these pre-drafted written documents were not merely accessible to legal professionals, but additionally accessible to the general public also via the Internet.

The largest of these sites offer legal forms with respect to every jurisdiction and whether you live in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia you'll find legal forms or document kits to satisfy your unique legal situation. Every document they make available, from general forms for lower courts or applications to government departments to non disclosure agreements to protect million dollar ideas, are all composed by experienced attorneys and completely warranted against errors and omissions.

Another benefit of pre drafted legal forms would be the cost, since the expense of most forms and documents is about 5%-10% of what a law firm would charge you to render an equivalent document nevertheless, it's essential to bear in mind that in spite of the cost savings that pre-drafted documents provide they're not an alternative for qualified professional legal advice. Forms and documents include full directions along with tips and hints that help in modifying any document to any specific purpose simple, easy and direct to the point.

After you've completed your document and based on the particular form or document and the legal magnitude it represents, you may want to have a attorney or a qualified paralegal give it a once-over for your own confidence. Nowadays you'll find lawyers are pleased to check the accuracy of your work before you file your form or document; for a moderate fee.

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